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Anne Bosy RDH, MEd, MSc is a business leader, lecturer, educator, researcher, innovator and inventor of the OraVital® System. Anne was featured in April & July 2015 in a two-part series in FOCUS, the professional newsletter of the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association (ODHA).

Anne Bosy Part 1 : "Taking advantage of every opportunity for five decades"

Anne Bosy Part 2 : "All about bacteria, disease and closing the oral-systemic gap"

Previously, infections causing gum disease and bad breath have been difficult to diagnose and treat. The science of OraVital® evolved from 17 years of ground-breaking research and successful clinical treatment by Anne Bosy, co-founder of Toronto's Fresh Breath Clinic (1993-2007). Dr. Walter Loesche, who was a respected authority on periodontal disease treatment at the University of Michigan, validated the effectiveness of the antibiotic therapy developed by Anne.

The OraVital® System is based on identifying the cause of oral infection through microbial analysis and tests for bleeding gums. Treatment includes a customised antibiotic rinse used for a two-week period, accompanied by proper home oral care. The OraVital® System is highly effective in eliminating mild to moderate gum disease and bad breath in most cases.

We provide a comprehensive, dynamic and scientifically grounded training program to our clinics. OraVital® Certified dental professionals are experts in providing OraVital® diagnostic analysis, individualised treatment, and dedicated long-term support.


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