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The OraVital® System and Halitosis

There are numerous causes for halitosis, but by far the most common cause is the presence of bacteria on the teeth and tongue that can produce unpleasant and very toxic chemicals. Dental diseases have been strongly implicated as the cause of bad breath. However, there is considerable evidence that "periodontally healthy" individuals can exhibit significant bad breath. These individuals usually have a substantial number of oral pathogens but very little immune response. The result is considerable microbial metabolic activity resulting in strong breath odour but little tissue damage.

Some of the other factors could be dietary habits, medications, systemic conditions and sinusitis. Trimethylaminuria could also be a contributor.

The OraVital® System provides tools and information to the dental practitioner to diagnose the cause and select effective treatment.

The Five Step System was first used to treat halitosis prior to becoming one of the most effective treatments for periodontal disease. The Five Step System requires additional steps when used for breath odour analysis and treatment that are not required for periodontal disease.

In establishing a baseline, the following additional components must be addressed:

  1. Determine the extent of the breath odour.
  2. Determine the health history components that may impact on the condition.
  3. Assess the diet for meal pattern and nutritional adequacy.

The treatment for the infection component of breath odour remains the same as for periodontal disease since we are treating the same oral pathogens. The antibiotic rinse is used for a period of two weeks.

At the second appointment, it is important to confirm the absence of breath odour. If odour is still present, it is necessary to find the source. The OraVital® System includes protocol for this eventuality.

Maintenance protocol is organised at this appointment. This includes maintenance rinses as well as an effective home care system.

A third appointment is recommended to check the effectiveness of the maintenance program and to make changes if required.

OraVital® recommends a re-evaluation appointment on a regular basis, every 6 months.

Our success speaks for itself. OraVital® assessment and treatment methods can control gingivitis and mild to moderate periodontitis and halitosis.


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