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Oral Microscopy and DNA Testing

Are your patients coming in routinely with "a little bleeding"?

Do you have patients with implantitis and failed implants?

Do some patients have inflammation and pocket formation around crown and bridge work?

Do patients who have had laser treatment become re-infected within a few months?

These situations indicate the presence of oral infection. In order to effectively treat periodontal infections as well as to prevent them from initially developing or from recurring, microbial analysis is an invaluable diagnostic tool.

For treatment to be successful, the specific types and density of pathogens present in oral biofilm must be known. Biofilm Diagnostics™, a division of OraVital Inc, is a certified Containment Level II Laboratory dedicated to diagnosing oral biofilm. The lab provides fast and economical testing that delivers comprehensive information about oral microflora to assist you in selecting appropriate treatment for your patients.

Microbial Sampling & Analysis

Sampling requires only two minutes during a dental hygiene or new patient diagnostic appointment.

Using the sampling package supplied by Biofilm Diagnostics™, the clinician takes biofilm samples with swabs and/or paper points depending on the test. The clinician then mails the entire prepaid diagnostics package to our lab for analysis.

Our microbiologists evaluate the samples and prepare a detailed oral microbial report. We email the evaluation report to you, usually within three business days after receiving the slides. The report provides information regarding types and numbers of streptococci and other periodontal pathogens including amoebae and yeast as well as inflammatory response.

This informative report provides you with comprehensive information to select the most appropriate treatment protocol for your patient. Along with successfully treating gingivitis, mild to moderate periodontal disease and breath odour, when used prior to restorative procedures microbial analysis can assist in halting the development of disease as well as preventing recurrence.

For more information, visit the Biofilm Diagnostics™ webpage.


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