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The OraVital® System in Five Steps

The OraVital® System is designed to treat oral infections with emphasis on periodontal disease. Oral infection is apparent if gums bleed, periodontal pockets are present or if the patient complains of persistent bad breath. The pathogens responsible for these infections can invade other areas of the body and pose a significant threat to overall health. OraVital® is an effective and easy system to use for the treatment of mild to moderate periodontitis and/or halitosis.

OraVital® System Step 1:  Diagnosis

Visually and microbiologically screening your patients for oral infection is the dental equivalent of the standard screening tests physicians use for systemic infection.

Complete health history (noting concerns) and the extraoral and intraoral examinations. Continue with the following tests: periodontal charting and bleeding on probing (BOP). Use the Papillary Bleeding Score (PBS) to demonstrate the extent of infection. Discuss the risk that periodontal disease poses to systemic health. Disclose prior to initiating any treatment and review oral care based on the result. Lastly, take biofilm/plaque samples from the throat (tongue base), and interproximal areas for microbial analysis of types, location and numbers of pathogens.

OraVital® System Step 2:  Treatment

Based on your clinical findings and/or the microbiology report, after completion of scaling and root planing, prescribe the appropriate OraVital® antibiotic rinse for a period of 2 weeks followed by an OraVital® antimicrobial rinse (0.2% chlorhexidine) for 2 weeks.

OraVital® System Step 3:  Evaluation

Evaluation is completed 4 weeks after the diagnosis/treatment appointment and includes a complete post-treatment periodontal assessment. Record and compare pre and post treatment. For localized areas of infection where bleeding or pockets remain, prescribe the antibiotic cream. Disclose and review home care.

OraVital® System Step 4:  Maintenance

Maintaining good health through mechanical (daily home care and regular hygiene appointments) and chemical disruption (rinsing) of biofilm is necessary - without continual disruption, infection will return. OraVital® offers a selection of three different maintenance rinses (CDLx, CPCx, SmartMouth) to meet your patients' individual needs and to help keep their biofilm balanced.

OraVital® System Step 5:  Monitor

Identify areas where biofilm is shifting from health to disease and retreat when necessary. Use microbiology reassessment when needed to identify shifts from health to disease. Encourage your patient to continue with daily maintenance rinses and regular hygiene visits.

Scaling and polishing are always necessary. OraVital® treatment complements your care.

"Because periodontitis in the general population is under-diagnosed and undertreated, what measures can improve its detections and management in persons at increased risk for CVD events?"

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Our success speaks for itself. OraVital® assessment and treatment methods can control gingivitis and mild to moderate periodontitis.

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