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"I have been working with the OraVital System for the past 7 years and I absolutely love it. I see patients that complain of bad breath and perio patients as well, and the outcome is great after using the OraVital System. I will continue to use it and recommend it to my patients, colleagues and family."

  - Dr. Ramzi Haddad DDS, Aurora ON

"The OraVital System is a customized, therapeutic oral protocol that includes individual collection, laboratory analysis and diagnosis of oral micro pathogens with delivery of appropriate oral medication based on findings. No other system will do all of that."

  - Dr. Tanya Bracanovich DDS, Ottawa ON

"We're getting better results with OraVital than we ever did [before].

"If you understand the importance of disrupting biofilm when it comes to oral health, you'll see what a critical role OraVital can play in solving this issue."

  - Dr. Ron Rotem DDS, Toms River, NJ

"With OraVital and xylitol gum, we can shift the balance away from pathogens/acidity and toward alkalinity and a more healing, friendly environment."

  - Dr. Thomas Pekar DDS, St. Catharines ON/i>

"It helps us attack the cause of our patients' disease versus merely treating the symptoms. I love that it gives a customized report of the pathogens ... and we're able to prescribe the correct medication."

  - Priyam Shah RDH

"The protocol was easy to implement and follow."

  - Dr. Monica Iriarte DDS, Toronto ON

"I have been using the OraVital system for many years now. The microbiology testing alone is worth evaluating as it gives you a better picture of the oral environment and the true causes of bad breath and of periodontal concerns including bleeding and gingivitis. The OraVital System solves problems that mechanical cleaning alone cannot completely resolve.

"We've seen people thrilled to have all of their bleeding gone when traditional cleaning alone didn't do the trick.

OraVital fills the gap of evaluating the actual bacterial issues orally. It's a final piece to the diagnostic puzzle and allows doctors and hygienists to better treat their patients."

  - Dr. Vassant Ramlaggan DDS, Toronto ON

"We love the OraVital System. We recommend it to every patient!"

  - Dr. Yasaman Zadeh DDS, Toronto ON

"Since incorporating the OraVital system into my Independent Dental Hygiene Practice, I have observed improvements in the oral health of my clients. Periodontal disease can take years to show symptoms that my clients perceive as disease, making it easy for my clients to rationalize and ignore the early warning signs of bleeding in the mouth, pocketing and recession. Having the ability to provide my clients with a customized report that outlines the etiology contributing to the decline in their oral health is the key to motivating my clients to make the early treatment of their existing oral condition a priority."

  - Amie Banting RRDH, Virgil ON

"We have seen reduction of bleeding up to 90% and complete [resolution] of halitosis in our patients. Every time the product was used, improvement in periodontal health occurred.

"We have been an OraVital Certified clinic for about 5 years now. OraVital is an extremely valuable and powerful tool in my practice for diagnosing and treating periodontal disease and halitosis. The OraVital System has become my main weapon in the treatment of periodontal disease and works wonderfully with my Kavo Key3 Laser.

"I consider the OraVital microbiology results for the patient's mouth to be equivalent to 'blood test' results for the body. Patients understand and appreciate this information. It helps them understand what gum disease is and how it can be healed. Showing patients their results ... gets them more involved and enthusiastic about improving their oral health.

"The OraVital System has become a mainstay in my practice as it completely follows my mission statement to maintain oral health in my patients and, as a direct result, their overall health. This system gives me the ability to approach periodontal disease from a medical model perspective and rightfully so - periodontal disease is a whole body infection with oral symptoms.

"I believe that the OraVital System is the STANDARD OF CARE in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease, and therefore an essential protocol in reducing inflammation and keeping our patients healthy."

  - Dr. Dave Turchiaro DMD, Concord ON

"OraVital training was a turning point in my practice. Since then I am getting new patients asking about Perio services. My hygienists love talking to patients about perio issues more than ever because they know they can help."

  - Dr. Poorva Parnaik DMD, Medford NJ

"Patients were adamant about getting rid of any bleeding and avoiding surgery. This was an option that allowed that to happen.

"The FaceTime session was awesome! The patient thought it was great and so did my hygienist. To do some training like that directly in the office was huge. It will be a really great service to the patient. Life-changing really.

"I have to say that after working with Jim [Hyland] and the guys at OraVital, our perio acceptance is way up. The verbal skills and coaching by Jim and his team are great and have worked wonders in our office. They are so passionate at helping you to change your practice and patient's lives. Want to say thanks to Jim and the OraVital team!"

  - Dr. Lincoln Parker DDS, Ladera Ranch CA

"The OraVital System is our first choice for risk management of periodontal pathology for six reasons. It is easy for the client to use. It has a follow up program for continuing maintenance. It uses minimal dosages relative to systemic dosing of antibiotic to eliminate the most toxic gram negative bacteria. It does not require lifestyle changes involving 'no alcohol' while taking it. The rinse has a noticeable, immediate impact on breath odours and it is the only way to treat the tongue as well as the periodontal tissues."

  - Dr. Ken Southward DDS, Beamsville ON

"The OraVital FM4 [oral antibiotic rinse] has been my favorite because of the consistent health of the tissue every time I have used it. I like the idea of having a topical antibiotic and antifungal medication. There have been patients over the last week who refused to take antibiotics systemically. I love the FM4 for these patients."

  - Dr. Michele Williams DDS, Addison TX

"Patients are very pleased with their improved periodontal condition. They are thrilled to finally have gums that don't bleed or feel tender when they do their daily methodical cleaning and are relieved to have maintenance rinses that are designed to stabilize a healthy condition. They are happy to regain their sense of taste and smell."

  - Dr. Lynda Barrett DDS, Toronto ON

"I am amazed with the changes I have seen! Our clients are really happy and they tell me they are no longer noticing bleeding or breath odour. This is such a great corrective procedure where I am able to see results at their 4 week re-evaluation appointment. I'm so happy with the results that I have seen that I've been recommending this product [the OraVital® System] to other dental professionals."

  - Aubrey Tin RDH, Mississauga ON

"Patients with persistent bad breath have had great results in curing and solving the halitosis."

  - Allison Cuevas RDH, Los Angeles CA

"The results from the second appointment are incredible. The bleeding points are drastically reduced, and there is no odour to remark on at all. All of my patients are happy with their results."

  - Angie Stratton RDA, Edmonton AB

"I have found the system to be very effective and case acceptance extremely high. I am very comfortable talking about and delivering OraVital treatment. I am happy to provide the service and I strongly recommend other dental professionals provide the same service in their offices too. Twenty-eight MDs in our area asked for referral pads and to date we've had three doctors refer patients to us.

"Most of our new patients are finding us on the web. We mention OraVital services on our own website and we are getting referrals from OraVital's website too."

  - Niki RDH, Mississauga ON

"I have been using the OraVital CDLx rinse on my 5 year old daughter and it has removed the halitosis that I believe is coming from her tonsils. Her oral hygiene is impeccable due to the fact that I am a dental hygienist and help her brush, floss and scrape her tongue 2-3x per day. I have asked my MD about her tonsils to which the MD stated they are fine because she does not get strep. I however think they are large, grade 2-3 and the source of her halitosis. If I stop using the OraVital CDLx rinse her halitosis returns. So I firmly believe that this product is really helping my 5 year old's mouth odour."

  - Stacey Court RDH, Milverton ON

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