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Patient Testimonials

OraVital® Patient Testimonials


I wanted to thank you for helping me when I thought there was no help. When I first came to your establishment I had been suffering from a lot of pain and discomfort in my teeth and gums. There was a lot of aching and bleeding on a daily basis and I was to the point where I assumed I would lose all my teeth. I started the OraVital program and it has completely changed my life. I have no more bleeding or aching in my gums. They are much healthier and I feel great. Thank you!

  - CP, Brantford ON

It is my pleasure to write about my experience with OraVital®.

My issue was not bad breath but periodontal disease.

I used the mouth rinse for two weeks (not consecutive) and the results at my second appointment were extremely encouraging. Of four teeth with 4mm gum pockets initially - when I returned, three of the four teeth were down to 2mm - also measured by my dentist - at another clinic - who came up with the same measurements. The tooth that stayed at 4mm did so, I suspect, because I did not use the special brush with the rinse under the gum line on that tooth - I will be focussing on that tooth and gum in the next month and expect to hear of an improvement at my next follow-up.

I think this approach to treating gum disease is exciting. In the past I was sent to a periodontist for surgery - often with poor results - not to mention the pain and cost. Sometimes the most simple solutions are the most effective. Getting rid of "gum disease-causing bacteria" with targeted antibiotic rinses is to my mind a non invasive and logical solution - that has worked for me.

I wish I had known about this a few years ago and saved myself much pain, grief, inconvenience and cost. After spending over $5,000 on one tooth and gum area I am now without a tooth and will need to spend more to fill the gap.

There is no question that if I had had OraVital treatment a few years ago I most likely would not have lost that tooth and spent all that money !!

  - S.H., Toronto ON

To whom it may concern,

I was having a problem with bad breath and didn't really know what to do about it. I had mentioned the problem to my doctor, my dentist, and my naturopath. Without exception they all brushed it off as a non issue.

I also had a long standing issue with bleeding gums. My father has always had a problem with bleeding gums and I thought it might be hereditary. I was really concerned about my gums. They seemed to be getting worse and I didn't really know what to do about it. When I did a Google search of gingivitis it talked in terms of poor dental hygiene. I knew that wasn't was what going on in my mouth. I wanted some understanding of the situation. When I heard about OraVital® I researched the information and decided it was worth a try.

When I went to an OraVital® Clinic I figured that if it fixed the breath problem that would be great. Imagine how I felt after my first treatment and my bleeding gums stopped. Just as simple as that! My gums haven't bled since! That is more than I could have imagined. In my eyes it is secondary that the breath problem is OK. I am really pleased to have my gums stop bleeding!

My hygienist started checking my mouth and stopped and said, "So what have you done?" My gums were not bleeding when she worked on them. There were only a few pockets that weren't as good as they should have been but they were a lot better. The rest of the gums were fine. I don't need to go back for at least six months.

I hope more people find out about this easy & effective treatment.

  - S.S., Beaverton ON

Being a family physician, having fresh breath is important! I struggled with halitosis (bad breath) for years despite very good dental hygiene and excellent overall health. My own physician said there was not much he could suggest to help me with my problem. Then I went through the OraVital® program and it has made a huge difference. My breath is no longer a problem and my gums no longer bleed when I floss (I thought bleeding was normal with flossing before). I would recommend the OraVital® program for anyone struggling with bad breath. It works !!!


Dr. Doug Strilchuk MD, Edmonton AB

A few years ago my breath started getting bad occasionally, and last year became a constant and huge problem to me. I could feel it, smell it and taste it, after I brushed my teeth. Sometimes it was so bad, my husband would say, 'Don't talk to me right now. Go brush your teeth.' But I had just brushed my teeth. It was very hurtful. There was nothing I could do. I'd just go and sit on another sofa.

Two weeks after starting OraVital® treatment, I feel like it's a miracle - I feel free to talk to anyone, be as close as I want to and my husband and I are kissing again.

  - S.W., Ottawa ON

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