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OraVital® Certification And Training

The OraVital® certification and training program is a hands-on, focused and success oriented group session that addresses the application of the System allowing dental professionals to become experienced OraVital® clinicians.

OraVital® System offers three modules for the dental office: the Periodontal Module, Breath Module and Nutrition Module. The OraVital® System Periodontal Module forms the foundation required for OraVital® assessment and treatment. Once your office has incorporated the System and your team is familiar with procedures, other modules can be added as required.

The OraVital® Reference Manual, Getting Started with OraVital® booklet and other reference materials are sent in advance of training.

Upon completion of the Periodontal Module, the dental clinic is listed on our website as a certified OraVital® Clinic. Our Client Services representatives offer support with all aspects of the OraVital® System including case consultation in person, by telephone and by email.

The Periodontal Module:

The Breath Module and Nutrition Module:

Please note that the information found in the Periodontal Module is a prerequisite to both of these modules. The Nutrition Module is a co-requisite for Breath Certification, but can also be taken independently.

The Breath Module:

The Nutrition Module:

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