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If you're looking for invaluable dental industry insider perspectives on how to elevate your level of patient care and how to build a profitable, oral medicine-focused practice, look no further than these key opinion leaders. You won't want to miss any of these free, thought-provoking webinars with live KOL Access Q&A - Click here for more info!

Stop Periodontal Disease in 4 Weeks!

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Presenters: Dr. Jim Hyland DDS and Kerry Hyland RDH

March 10, 2016 - Patients don't understand why bleeding in the mouth is linked to their overall health. This webinar provides an opportunity to reinvent your hygiene program focusing on wellness and health.

Discussing the oral systemic link with patients who have diabetes, heart disease and a family history of Alzheimer's can be difficult. Learn easy ways to use this information to motivate your patient to health.

Join our webinar and learn verbal skills and techniques to stop gingivitis and early to moderate periodontal disease in 4 weeks, with a 90% or better success rate.

Learn how to use disclosing and the Papillary Bleeding Score to demonstrate infection and emotionally move patients to ask "How do I stop the bleeding?" vs. "Does my insurance cover it?". This approach overcomes all financial objections and leads the practice towards periodontal hygiene appointments and away from bloody prophys.

Learn how to:
  • Reinvent the hygiene appointment so it is focused on health and wellness vs. procedures provided
  • Get patients to start brushing their gum line vs. their teeth
  • Use alternatives to floss that are more effective and that patients will use to control their disease
  • Explain how patients catch and spread periodontal disease
  • Link their systemic health to their gum condition
  • Use antibiotic mouth rinses to control gingivitis, periodontal disease and breath odor
  • Explain why microbial testing is recommended and used to plan your treatment to help control pathogenic bacteria
  • Use BiofilmDNA™ analysis to identify patients' periodontal and caries risk
  • Use re-evaluation appointments to increase patient compliance

The OraVital® System is clinically proven to eliminate mild to moderate gum disease and bad breath (90+% success rate). The system identifies the cause via whole-mouth BiofilmDNA™ and site-specific BiofilmGS™ microbial testing and analysis, then provides individualized treatment options.

OraVital® has the solution to frustrating oral healthcare problems - like bleeding gums, perio and halitosis - encountered on a daily basis in every dental practice. We break the oral systemic link and help you heal your patients.

Click here to view a replay of this webinar.

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